"Ukrsotsbank" office building (Zhylyanska st., 29)

"Ukrsotsbank" is one of the largest system of universal banks in Ukraine founded in 1990. its network includes 508 institutions, among them - 27 regional branches and 481 offices, as well as the country's largest ATM network. Conducting facade works on one of the Bank's buildings is one of the most successful "UD" projects among the company's achievements.

"Argo Trading" stores network

"Argo Trading" is one of the leading companies that sell fashionable clothing in Ukraine. "UD" is proud to work with a company with more than 50 stores in six cities across the country performing reconstruction of retail space and facades of stores along the Khreschatyk street.

"Renaissance" hotel (Prorizna st., 24/39)

History of the "Leipzig" hotel has more than a hundred years. The building was designed by a famous Kyiv architect Karl Schiemann and at the time of construction was the highest building in the city. At one time it housed a popular at that time confectionery  "Marquis", mentioned even in Mikhail Bulgakov 's novel "The White Guard",  restaurants "Chaika" and "Leipzig", but the last few years, the building was empty. Now the hotel is on the verge of gaining a second life, this time under the name "Renaissance", and enters the "Marriott International" family. "UD" is proud of having also participated in the revival of the legendary building in Kyiv performing the restoration of the facade.