Kyiv Green Theatre (Kyiv, Parkova Aleya st., 9)

Kyiv Green Theatre is an old building dating back the XII-th century reminiscent of the ancient theater. It is known that the walls of the Green Theater were once built as retaining walls on the place of a buried gully and also served as a fortification . Today due to the efforts of the team of "UD" highly qualified specialists this mystical place turned into one of the most successful summer nightclubs in Kyiv. However, we have not forgotten about the historical value of the site and therefore implemented a special treatment of ancient structures aimed to prevent the destruction

"Aval" bank offices

"Aval" bank is one of the most successful banking institutions in the history of Ukraine. In 2002 it entered the TOP-100 banks in Central and Eastern Europe according to Standard & Poor's rating. In 2003, Euromoney magazine named "Aval" as the best bank in Ukraine. We all know that the key to the success of any bank is the quality of customer service. One of its components is a pleasant impression gained by each person by visiting bank branches. This is sphere where "UD" was able to contribute to the success of "Aval", providing repair services for the bank office space and the "Aval" Head Office.

"Byblos"restaurant (Artema st., 20)

Within several years the  "Byblos"restauraunt impressed its visitors with outstanding parties, exquisite social events, incomparable cuisine and of course unique interior. "UD" is proud that it is our team of professionals who  worked on the renovation of the building of a nightclub into a restaurant "Byblos" and therefore so many visitors appreciated the quality of our work.