"ESCADA" boutique (Volodymyrska st., 49-a)

"ESCADA" is one of the most successful and popular luxury brands of designer clothing and accessories for women. We are pleased that "UD" has an honor to bring  ESCADA interior design solutions while decorating single-brand boutique in Kyiv

House of Government (Grushevskogo st.. 12/2)

The building of Council of People's Commissars of the USSR became the first subject of a new republican administrative center on Lipki, the formation of which was associated with the transfer of the Ukrainian capital from Kharkiv to Kiev in 1934. Building project designed by architects I.A. Fomin and P.V. Abrosimov in 1935 was originally intended for the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs (NKVD), but the government's plans have changed. After completion of construction it was the highest executive and administrative body of the republican government of USSR - the Council of People 's Commissars , on March 25, 1946 - The Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR. In 1991, the building went to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine , and it received a new name - House of the Government. Extensive experience in working with architectural monuments and buildings that carry historical value  allowed "UD" to contribute to the adaptation of the building to modern needs, through maintenance of the premise.

Uspenskiy Cathedral, Khrestovozdvyzhenska Church

Uspenskiy Cathedral ( colloquially "The Great Church" ) is the main cathedral church of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and a  prototype of all monastic temples of ancient Rus, the burial place of the Kyivan princes . During the World War II, the cathedral was destroyed by an explosion November 3, 1941, and Decree on its recovery wasissued by  President Leonid Kuchma on December 9, 1995 . The temple was reconstructed within almost two years, immediately after the completion it was painted and consecrated 24 August 2000. On the eve of the celebration of 1025-th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus "UD" was honored to carry the temple restoration works. The work on other Lavra buildings, including the Khrestovozdvyzhenska Church, is continued.