"Domotekhnika" household appliances store (Chervonoarmiyska st., 40)

"Domotechnika" is one of the pioneers in the saling of high-quality household appliances , audio and video , photo , hi-fi, computer and office equipment, starting with a few shops and growing on this basis to entire network of supermarkets of electronics, service centers, manufacturing units, logistics company, investment projects etc. "UD" is proud of its long-term cooperation with "Domotechnika" starting with a restoration of the building for the shop premises with expansion of retail space due to the further growth of their business

"Toyota" automotive presales service center (Vyshneve)

Reconstruction of automotive service center for the "Toyota" presales center is an extremely interesting project. Its implementation process gave us an invaluable experience and its successful completion brought self-confidence and willingness to respond adequately to the new challenges.

"Finansy i Kredyt" bank office (Industryalna st., 27)

A great experience in provision of the office space reconstruction services has helped the company "UD" to cope successfully with the task of preparation of the building to the Industrialna street for successful functioning as a department of "Finansy i Kredyt" - one of the largest financial institutions in the country.