"Pharmak" plant (Frunze st., 74)
     The following work is performed on "Pharmak" plant:

  • entrance group installation
  • landscaping
National Bank of Ukraine (Kyiv, Instytutska, 9)

The Office of the State Commercial Bank of Russia in Kyiv was founded in 1839 with in a large two-story house on the Instytutska street. However, with increasing number of financial transactions the need to expand the Bank's premises has occured. In 1905 a building which we know today as the National Bank of Ukraine was erected. The project for the restoration of the Bank's premises, including the main lobby and the operating room, was the first big challenge for our company. However, due to high professionalism of our employees, "UD" brilliantly coped with the task , adapting the Bank's premises for modern needs retaining the spirit of the majestic building, considered to be one of the best buildings of the twentieth century in Kyiv.

Central Accounting Chamber of the National Bank of Ukraine (Kyiv, Nauku prosp., 7-9)

After the successful restoration of the premises of the National Bank of Ukraine thus proving our professionalism and competence in the field of restoration and reconstruction "UD" has received an order for the overhaul of office space in Central Accounting Chamber of the National Bank of Ukraine - National Bank of Ukraine institution that provides operation of electronic payment systems in general, maintain a database for information retrieval systems concerning electronic interbank payments made ​​through electronic payment systems, and acts as clearinghouse for banking institutions in Kyiv and Kyiv region, caters to other virtual bank regions.