Interesting architectural objects of the world: the "Dancing House" (Prague, Czech Republic )

The capital of Czech Republic Prague is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Almost every building in the city downtown is an architectural masterpiece. Among the ancient monumental buildings of the Gothic style, as for example Prague Castle - the largest castle in the world, the magnificent Charles Bridge, awesome St. Vitus Cathedral the construction of which was carried out almost 600 years – some modern buildings with a breath-taking design can be found. One of the most interesting and famous buildings of this kind is the "Dancing House» located at the corner of the Resslova street and waterfront in Prague-2 district.

It was built relatively recently: the project was initiated in 1994 and completed two years later. Inherently "Dancing House» is an office building, where a number of international companies is presented. A French restaurant «La Perle de Prague» with a view of Prague is situated on its roof. The building is designed in the style of deconstruction, which is characterized by visual sophistication with broken unexpected and deliberately destructive forms and also emphasized aggressive invasion into the urban environment. The design consists of two cylindrical towers: normal and destructive that is an architectural metaphor of a dancing couple - the famous artists of the late 19th century Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. One of the two cylindrical parts that is at the top symbolizes Fred, and the second which resembles a female figure with a slim waist and winnowing in the dance dress - Aster.

The building symbolizing its architectural gap of the Czech society with its totalitarian past and its evolution to new radical changes was designed by the Croatian architect Vlado Milunichem and Canadian Frank Gehry. According to the architect, feminine wins men to convert it. However not all architects' ideas were implemented since the building was designed as a cradle of art, namely, a library and an art gallery. The attitude to “Dancing house" among citizens is uneven. Although 68 % of respondents find the building attractive and one that fits perfectly the style of the "city of a hundred towers ", still there are those who believe artsy style of the building is inappropriate next door to classical National Theatre and Prague Castle. As for the tourists, the few people find extravagant appearance of the house not interesting, that is why it is included into most of City tours, not only on land but also through the river as far as the building is located on the banks of the Vltava river.