Interesting architectural sites in Kiev: "The House with Chimaeras" (Bankova st., 10)

For more than 1,500 years of existence, the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv city – has gained the masterpieces of many talented architects, but one of the biggest names in this galaxy is Vladislav Gorodetsky. The author of such incomparable masterpieces of architectural art as the building of the National Art Museum of Ukraine , St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral on the Chervonoarmiyska street, Karaim Kenesa on Yaroslaviv Val street, the design of the hall of current Ivan Franko theater  Ivan has put his name forever into the history of the city . The top of the architect’s  is  the "House with chimaeras" - a brick building in the heart of Kiev, built in the Art Nouveau style and has no analogues in the world, thanks to the unique sculptural decoration made in mythological and hunting themes.

Land under the "House with chimaeras" went to the architect for a pittance as was considered unsuitable for construction because of the steepness of the slope. However , the use of 50 concrete piles designed by engineer A. Straus, at a depth of 5 meters have reinforced slope and allowed Gorodetskyi ti realize his brilliant project . The house is built in the Art Nouveau style and designed in the shape of a cube, with three floors on side of Bankova Street and six floors from the Ivan Franko square. In a free layout the principle of functional relationships isolated groups of rooms is used (chambers, dwelling, economic) that is common to many homeowners of XX century. Construction of the house began in 1901, and in 1903 he settled tenants - the architect left an apartment of 380 square meters for him, and the other rooms were rented out.

Besides the unique design of the building that distinguishes it from all other buildings in the city, the original layout is of course a highlight. The architect’s enthusiasm for hunting is displayed in sculptures of his authorship, skillfully executed by E. Sall that decorates the facade and interior of the house. On the walls of the building there are the concrete heads of elephants, rhinos, antelopes, crocodiles, lizards, giant toads and sea monsters adorn the roof, a giant python occupies the corner of the building. The interior of the building is rich with spiral staircases, hunting themes stained glass, exquisite original moldings with images of exotic plants, fruits, bows and arrows, as well as, of course, animals.

During its more than century-long history, the house has changed many owners, and today is used as the residence of the President of Ukraine. In 2003, the restoration of the building has been made: the pile field has been updated as well as interior and murals on the walls that were restored according to old Gorodetsky drawings.  The "House with chimaeras" is an architectural monument number 906.