enПредоставлять партнерам широкий спектр высокотехнологической и надежной продукции и решений, создавать условия для успешного развития бизнеса наших партнеров. следовать самым высоким этическим стандартам бизнес-коммуникаций.


It is a great honor for "UD" to conduct the work at the Uspenskii Cathedral of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, and the Khrestovozdvyzhenska Church


Successful projects of reconstruiction of governmental facilities and buildings, carrying high architectural value, allowed the "UD" company to get an order for repair work at the House of the Government of Ukraine, as well as the main astronomical observatory NAS


The most interesting projects this year was the restoration of the legendary Kyiv hotel "Leipzig", current "Renaissance", and engineering the large-scale automotive enterprise "Gloria"


"UD" continues to provide services to Holy Dormition Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, but now on the area of the National Kyiv-Pechersk Historical and Cultural Reserve. The company also began reconstruction of buildings and repairs works on the plant "Pharmak"


"UD" is implementing a number of projects for the engineering, construction and reconstruction of service stations


Besides the new automotive showrooms construction, "UD" also starts building a huge warehouse complex of 20,000 square meters, as well as engineering administrative and business center with social and commercial premises and a shopping and entertainment center in Vyshneve


The "UD" company strengthens its position in the construction of automotive show-rooms


The "UD" experts try their hand at a new field - conduct design and construction of objects of restaurant and hotel business


The implementation of an "ESCADA" mono-brand boutique interior design is a new interesting challenge for "UD". Reconstruction of "Finansy I Kredyt" bank office is a confirmation of high qualification of "UD" specialists in the sphere of office space reconstruction


The work on the restoration of buildings facedes in downtown continues, this time - the "Ukrsotsbank" building in Zhylyanskaya street. In addition, the "UD" begins to gain experience in designing and construction of motor showrooms and service centers, in particular, show-room "VOLKSWAGEN" and "TOYOTA" center of presales


The "UD" company starts working at the sites of the Holy Dormition Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. In addition, the partnership with a network of electronics stores and home appliances "Domotechnika" that eventually grew into a long-term friendship starts, as well as ongoing repair works in "BROCARD" stores and restoration of buildings in the city of Kyiv


Start of a scale project on reconstruction of the factory "Avtotekhnika" for "VOLKSWAGEN" autocentre, restoration of the walls of the Green Theatre, as well as a start of a long-term cooperation with a network of fashion stores "ARGO-trading"


"UD" begins long-term cooperation with a network of perfumeries "BROCARD", as well as conducts repair works at the hotel "Dnipro" and restoration of facades of buildings in the center of Kyiv


After successful completion of the restoration of the NBU building "UD" is entrusted to overhaul the building of the Central Accounting Chamber of NBU. Furthermore, in the same year the company began working on the offices of "Aval" repair


The first great project of the company is the National Bank of Ukraine building, where "UD" conducts the facilities restoration, including the lobby and the operating room


The "UD" company foundation